Our Story

We all have a wild child inside of us. Find out where it all began.

Our Mission

At Wild Child Salon, we are passionate about serving the breathtaking community of Huntington Beach, with a unique and personal approach to hair and specialty hair extension services.

We deeply believe that luxury, mixed with fun, is a winning combination for leveling up your look  & ultimately, your spirit!

We strive to uplift our clients by providing exceptional care and attention to detail, ensuring each guest leaves feeling relaxed, empowered, and ultimately her HOT BEST SELF!

Our team at Wild Child puts in extra effort to ensure every visit is enjoyable, rewarding, and a great outcome for all involved. It’s an honor to be trusted to provide such important services as we truly believe that how you feel about the way you look can positively affect the way that you show up for yourself in your day-to-day journey.

The mission at Wild Child Salon is to help showcase the best version of our guests with a detailed consultation, incredible services, and great recommendations for aftercare.

Imagine your big sister, or fairy godmother who had all the best for you in mind, knew the insider tips and tricks and was about to hook you up!

That’s what you’ll find at Wild Child Salon.

Our Craft

At Wild Child Salon, we take pride in our gifts and talents! Our experienced team of hairstyling, coloring, and extension professionals is dedicated to providing a luxurious experience for every client. We offer the latest on-trend appointments and also an award-winning selection of premium products that will give you a fresh and confident look, every time.

With our personalized, fun-loving approach, we guarantee satisfaction with every one of our services. Come visit today and enjoy the feeling of leaving your appointment feeling like it was the best experience you’ve had all week! That IS the Wild Child effect!

Our Salon

From the ocean views to the luxurious outdoor shopping oasis we are nestled in, Wild Child Salon strives to offer elite clients a sweet escape!

We truly believe that everyone deserves a chance to ditch reality and enter into an amazing uplifting salon experience. Wild Child Salon in Huntington Beach is a space that was specifically designed to provide clients with an upbeat, trend-inspired, fun-loving luxury atmosphere.

When you’re with us, you’ll be treated to an extra special experience meant to uplift your spirit, leaving you feeling like the absolute goddess that you are!

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